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1. PLEASE put only one piece of artwork per artist in the "Featured" folder, so make it your best.

2. TRY to put your artwork in the appropriate folders, so that I don't have to go through all of them and put everything where it belongs. It's much appreciated, thank you!

3. ONLY DOCTOR WHO. Please submit only artworks that have to do with Doctor Who and it's spin-offs. Anything from the Whoniverse, but nothing else! It's already a bit of stretch letting in things from the actors other works and modeling. (Yes, I do accept space art because who knows where the Doctor has been!)

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Crossover Art
TARDIS or Idris
Fan Made Wares, Crafts and Food
Drawings, Doodles and Sketches
Doctor X Master or Theta X Koschei
Space, where the Doctor may have traveled.
Doctor X River
11, Rory, and Amy
Doctor or TenII x Rose
David Tennant - 10th Doctor - TenII
Christopher Eccleston - 9th Doctor
John Barrowman - Captain Jack Harkness
Matt Smith - 11th Doctor
John Simm - The Master
Billie Piper - Rose Marion Tyler - Bad Wolf
Jenna Louis Coleman - Clara Oswin Oswald
Karen Gillan - Amy Pond
Bookmarks and Banners
Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures
Episode and Show Reviews
Alex Kingston - River Song - Melody Pond
Freema Agyeman - Martha Jones - Adeola
John Hurt - The Doctor 8.5
Peter Capaldi-12th Dr-Caecilius-Frobisher
Catherine Tate - Donna Noble - Doctor Donna
-price is 5 points for one like this

Fear will be your enemy by Pipersmclean

Or like this

Image by Pipersmclean
Day 11: Eleven by saber-kite It's only 11 Days away from the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. SO LET'S KICK START THE COUNTDOWN! :powerwoot:

Madman with the box - Eleventh - Completed by Feyjane (by Feyjane)
We all know the raggedy man, the legend that lies in between the universe's books. The youth-like Timelord that has a grumpy but a mischief side, the man who reboot the universe!Shiny La
Bullet; BlueAll of time and space; everywhere and anywhere; every star that ever was. Where do you want to start? Bullet; Blue Geronimo! Bullet; Blue Bow ties are cool. Bullet; Blue There's one thing you never put in a trap — if you're smart, if you value your continued existence, if you have any plans about seeing tomorrow — there's one thing you never — ever put in a trap. … Me.  Bullet; BlueGood men don't need rules. Today is not the day to find out why I have so many of them.

Hats Are Cool. 11th Doctor Who by aimeekitty
  The Oncoming Storm by MikazukiRisa  Geronimo-Dino! by weallscream4icecream  Doctor Matt Smith by splendidriver  Matt Smith/Eleventh Doctor Sketch by GloriousPond  11th Doctor by Arsenicum-14  Bow ties -11th- by tibots  :thumb323317517:  One Thing You Never, Ever Put in a Trap by AmethystDragon3  A good man goes to war by DartFushka  Doctor Who - Matt Smith by BellaMira  The Eleventh Doctor by jonpinto  Dr Who by garrypfc  11th Doctor by ScuttlebuttInk  Day 11: Eleven by saber-kite  SPACEY WACEY by Euuphoria  The Doctor by StephenMorrow  Alone We Travel On by ctyler  Doctor Who | Matt Smith by dankershaw  Doctor Who - Matt Smith by xraystu  Come Along Ponds by ReeBeast  Doctor Who: My Mercy by MikazukiRisa  Time's Up by ctyler  Doctor and Amelia by cherry-freckle  Eleven by Arkeresia  11th doctor by nightwing1975  Doc by mar0uk  :thumb260371725:  11th Doctor by whofee1  11th Doctor by whofee1  eleventh by whofee1  The Eleventh by Mad42Sam  11th Doctor Comic try-out by jlfletch  The Eleven Doctor by manon-D   Time's Up by ctyler  Alone We Travel On by ctyler  It's time to stop waiting by MarieTaylor  Doctor - Eleven by Rixtm  Doctor Who - Matt Smith by xraystu The 'Raggedy' Doctor by Carnivius  Matt Smith/Eleventh Doctor Sketch by GloriousPond  Doctor Matt Smith by splendidriver  <da:thumb id="323317517"/>  Doctor Who - Matt Smith by BellaMira  A good man goes to war by DartFushka The Doctor by AmandaTolleson  Time and Space by Saimain  waiting in silence by morgenty  Bowties are Cool - Poster by Vampiric-Time-Lord  Doctor Eleven by Montaneous  The 11th Doctor by Sweetbread9  My Eleventh Doctor by LEPcommander  Eleven by cosmic-sans  Matt Smith by The-Tinidril  
iPhone 11 by jonpinto  Never, Ever Put in a Trap by JNapier99  Wrong Cake by JNapier99  The Raggedy Man (The Eleventh Doctor) by Catlore  Matt Smith by joek09  Eleventh Doctor by Hyper-Aggie42Tardis leaving 2 by Guile93  11 by Dreki-K  11 color by RidelDoctor Who: The Bells of Saint John Poster by W0op-W0op  Eleventh Doctor - Green Coat by Carnivius  Eleventh Doctor - Purple coat by Carnivius  Bow ties are cool by artistkitty88  Boy on a String by The-Longfall-of-1979  Less Lonely Nights [and more Spectacular Sights] by The-Longfall-of-1979  New 11th Doctor Who by CosmicThunder  Matt Smith of Dr Who by jimiyo  What Have You Done Now by Atarial  

The Doctor and Amy by KellyYates  The Eleventh Doctor by killashandra-falta  Pandorica Opens by Luke-Lilly  Come Along Ponds by ReeBeast  .::Dance with me::. sketch by GabittaMorgan  Eleven and Amy by AmylaMacFie  Geronimo by MeganLara  Run! by aerettberg  :thumb344976183:  The Adventures of Pond and Doctah by The-Longfall-of-1979  2 Hearts and 27 Brains by hannna-kAmy and the Pandorica by eclecticmuse  Doctor Who: Tell her a story by ky-nim  Bells of Saint John by Kaminarai  Thank You Raggedy Man by Samirakate  hide by mangarj  Doctor Who? by mangalex712  Eleven is embarrassed. by mangalex712  
TARDIS Team 2013 by Carnivius  TARDIS Crew 2010 by Carnivius  Amy Pond 2 by Carnivius  Amy Pond by Carnivius  Amelia Pond by Carnivius  Idris by Carnivius  Doctor Who XI by rohrmuller  Fezzes Are Cool by ArtistAbe  Remember, Kids by SoundVsVision  Doctor Who lineart by JamalIgle  come on then, sexy by Blue-Fox  

The sonic screwdriver:
Sonic Screwdriver- Smith Era by Neshikuro   It can pick locks, hack, heal minor injuries and pick up teleport hot spots....It's the MARK VII sonic screwdriver! A gift from the TT40 TARDIS "Sexy".

After regeneration/first adventure/series:
Art Challenge 4: Favorite Male Character by mangalex712  asdf by Rixtm  Doctor Who Series 5 by SarahStar123  The Eleventh Doctor by MikeMcelwee  I am the Doctor... by KBeth917  The Eleventh Doctor by StevenWilcox  Doctor Who 11 by CosmicThunder  
DOCTOR WHO Series 5 by Herbarianband  Duel in Upper Leadworth by CircusMonsters  WOT. by Azumizai  Fog by miyavi  The Doctor and Amy by Kumu18  can't forget the doctor by echidnite  Vincent van gogh by Rhumer  

COOL COLORS! by ElectroCereal ( by ElectroCereal )
Matt Smith's Doctor crashed into our view on Christmas 2009 and fought against old "friends", meet old companions, found new allies and run into a whole a lot of new troubles with tons of new alien races. What can you say? After all, he's a madman with a Big Blue Box that travelles thorugh time and space!
All of time and space; everywhere and anywhere; every star that ever was. Where do you want to start? -11th :iconbowtieplz:

Bullet; Bluejlfletch  Bullet; Blue manon-D  Bullet; Blue nightwing1975  Bullet; Blue Aparaitre  Bullet; Blue Aeturnal  Bullet; Blue cherry-freckle  Bullet; Blue ctyler  Bullet; Blue ReeBeast  Bullet; Blue saber-kite  Bullet; Blue rixtm  Bullet; Blue MarieTaylor  
Bullet; Bluestephenmorrow   Bullet; Blue xraystu  Bullet; Blue dankershaw   Bullet; Blue Gorpo  Bullet; Blue Luke-Lilly  Bullet; Blue GloriousPond  Bullet; Blue splendidriver  Bullet; Blue The-Ethan-Yazel  Bullet; Blue tibots  Bullet; Blue AmethystDragon3  Bullet; Blue BellaMira  Bullet; Blue DartFushka  Bullet; Blue jonpinto  Bullet; Blue garrypfc   Bullet; Blue ScuttlebuttInk  Bullet; Blue AmandaTolleson  Bullet; Blue killashandra-falta  Bullet; Blue Saimain  Bullet; Blue morgenty  Bullet; Blue Vampiric-Time-Lord  Bullet; Blue GabittaMorgan  Bullet; Blue Montaneous  Bullet; Blue Sweetbread9  Bullet; Blue KellyYates  Bullet; Blue mangalex712  Bullet; Blue LEPcommander  Bullet; Blue SarahStar123  Bullet; Blue cosmic-sans  Bullet; Blue The-Tinidril  Bullet; Blue AmylaMacFie  Bullet; Blue MeganLara  Bullet; Blue aerettberg  Bullet; Blue viickah  Bullet; Blue MikeMcelwee  Bullet; Blue jonpinto  Bullet; Blue JNapier99  Bullet; Blue Catlore  Bullet; Blue joek09  Bullet; Blue The-Longfall-of-1979  Bullet; Blue Neshikuro  Bullet; Blue Hyper-Aggie42  Bullet; Bluehannna-k  Bullet; Blue eclecticmuse  Bullet; BlueGuile93  Bullet; BlueDreki-K  Bullet; Blueky-nim  Bullet; Blue Kaminarai  Bullet; Blue Samirakate  Bullet; Blue Ridel  Bullet; Blue W0op-W0op  Bullet; Blue mangalex712  Bullet; Blue KBeth917  Bullet; Blue StevenWilcox  Bullet; Blue rohrmuller  Bullet; Blue ArtistAbe  Bullet; Blue  SoundVsVision  Bullet; Blue artistkitty88  Bullet; Blue JamalIgle  Bullet; Blue CosmicThunder  Bullet; Blue Blue-Fox  Bullet; Blue jimiyo  Bullet; Blue Herbarianband  Bullet; Blue CircusMonsters  Bullet; Blue Atarial Bullet; Blue aimeekitty  Bullet; Blue Azumizai  Bullet; Blue miyavi  Bullet; Blue Kumu18  Bullet; Blue echidnite Bullet; Blue Rhumer

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This is for all those Doctor Who fanatics out there. We accept all forms of art as long as it is from Doctor Who or it's spin-offs. We love all the Doctors as well as all the companions and all the baddies in the Whoniverse. We take all genres but with a taste for some Dr/Master or Dr/Jack slash and DW crossovers!
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